Author: <span>Nico</span>

Fauna highlights

Four snapshots from a wildlife camera campaign across our study plots performed by the Team Fabrikschleichach. A puma (Puma concolor), jaguar (Panthera onca), tayra (Eira barbara) and an ozelot (Leopardus pardalis) walked through the forest plots in November 2021.

Large, hairy & dirty: seed traits and burial by dung beetles

Dung beetles are important secondary seed dispersers of mammal-dispersed plants in tropical forests – in our study site and worldwide. Beetles often bury the seeds that are included inside dung piles into the ground – if they are not too large in relation to the beetle. Beetles clean large seeds …

The new Chocó Lab

Fundación Jocotoco is currently building a new research station – the Chocó Lab – in the Canandé rainforest reserve in Ecuador, thanks to a generous donation. The Research Unit Reassembly and TU Darmstadt are supporting the lab and scientific equipment. See News from Jocotoco and a short video.