Researchers and the Chocó Lab team share their work with a local school

Researchers and the Chocó Lab team share their work with a local school

We are Arianna (chemist) and Karla (biologist) and we believe that fieldwork goes beyond the scientific aspect, as it necessarily involves social engagement with local communities as well. Within the past six months living in Canandé, we have learned from the people of Hoja Blanca and La Yuca (the villages close to the station) far more than they have learnt from us, besides the fact they welcomed us with open arms.

Arianna, Jefferson, Bryan and Jordi share stereomicroscope skills

Therefore, we thought that a small retribution could have been to bring the children, the teacher, and some parents of the school of La Yuca to discover the lab, that giant grey building that they had only seen from the road. With the support of Katrin, one of the Choco Lab managers, this was possible. We were able to explain the meanings of our excursions in the forest and offered everybody a hands-on opportunity to approach science: from frog observation to insect identification with the stereoscope, to a stroll in the reserve…

Exploring the beautiful forest

Most importantly though, we shared time together. Just as during our research, the key role here was played by the parabiologists Bryan, Leo, Jefferson, and Jordi, who provided an amazing and inspiring example for the younger members of the local community.

Karla demonstrates how to take biological measurements